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Portfolio Strategies

Portfolio Strategies

Caskets & Urns Strategies

We believe that in Caskets2go our resources will help advisors build a better business instead of focusing on building our corporate brand. If you are looking for support to help you build our own brand of business, then you have come to the right place. Rather than buying caskets and urns at a higher price we can help you save money. Please see several competitive advantages.

The funeral industry has been in effect for over 100 years of collective experience in sales, marketing support and compliance advise.

We support entrepreneurial spirit. We are privately owned, which gives us flexibility to do business our way. We believe in developing and expanding our products. You can benefit from the flexibility of our independent dealership efforts, yet still belong to a large and influential store.

Our focus on you and our clients’ needs help to ensure a winning relationship between Caskets2go and other clients.

We provide the best quality caskets and urns (for adults and pets).

We have a complete range of caskets and colorful stylish urns that will appeal to all our clients. Our products are sold nationally.

We don’t charge extra for any of our caskets or urns and have no hidden charges. Our assets are forecasted of $500,000 for 2019-20. Once the business takes off sales will mushroom to $1000 per day.

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